Henna Brows vs Microblading – The differences between two eyebrow services.

With bolder eyebrows taking center stage as the latest eyebrow tinting beauty trend there are two services available for clients to help them achieve their #InstaBrow look, microblading and henna brows. Henna brows is relatively new to the industry but demand for the service is growing quickly with more and more clients asking for it. While both microblading and henna brows offer a similar finish they have different advantages and can actually complement each other to provide clients with killer brows.


At Bee Pampered, creators of Henna Bee eyebrow tint, we often refer to henna brows as the gateway to microblading as it provides a bolder appearance similar to microblading but doesn’t require the commitment. With henna eyebrow tinting the eyebrow hair gets coloured which lasts 6-8 weeks as well the skin beneath the eyebrow is stained for up to 2 weeks giving a fuller appearance in a non-permanent, non-invasive service. On the other hand microblading is a permanent tattoo service that can last up to 3 years and requires touch ups annually.


In this article we’ll give you a breakdown of the differences between henna brows and microblading eyebrow tinting services and will showcase why offering both at your spa can ensure every client achieves their ultimate eyebrow look. Plus, we’ll explain that not every henna eyebrow tint is created equal and why Henna Bee eyebrow tint is one of safest, most natural products in the industry.


How Henna Brows Tinting Works.


Henna eyebrows is a non-permanent service that tints the eyebrow hair and stains the skin beneath. There are little to no risks involved with henna eyebrows other than rare potential skin irritations but as the stain on the skin fades within 2 weeks, and the color on the hair lasts 6-8 weeks there is very little risk for clients.


For many clients who want a microblading look but are hesitant to commit to the service or simply can’t afford it henna eyebrow tinting is a great alternative. Plus, henna brows tint can be applied to any client whether they have lots of hair of very little hair due to the fact it stains the skin as well as coloring the hair.


The average henna brows service using Henna Bee should take less than 30 minutes to complete and we recommend getting the service done every 4 weeks to maintain killer eyebrows. Our recommended charge for a henna eyebrows tint with Henna Bee is $35-$50 and we suggest adding a hair removal service like waxing once the Henna Bee service is complete to provide clients a complete eyebrow transformation and to increase the overall value of the service.


How Microblading Works.


Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo service that works by embedding ink into the skin around the eyebrow using a 12-15” needle blade. The service is semi-permanent due to the fact the ink used is iron oxide which the body will absorb over time. In comparison a traditional tattoo uses ink with much larger molecules which are inserted deeper into your skin and do not get absorbed by the body.


Typically microblading lasts up to 3 years and requires touch-ups every year or so. The initial service takes around 2 hours and can cost anywhere from $450 - $1000 with each annual touch up costing around $250 - $500. The biggest risk associated with the semi-permanent service is making sure you find a qualified microblading artist that provides the look you want to achieve.


Microblading or Henna Brows – What’s Better?

Honestly we think both microblading and the henna brows service are both great the preference really comes down to individual clients comfort level, and how much of a correction a clients eyebrows need. As mentioned henna brows is often the gateway to microblading. Henna eyebrows are a non-permanent service which allows clients to experience bolder brows with a short term commitment. The cost is significantly lower but the service requires more maintenance compared to microblading.


We often find once clients get comfortable with their new eyebrow look after receiving henna brow services they typically opt in to get microblading done as in the long term it is easier to maintain.


Henna eyebrow tinting is also a great solution for clients who are nearing the end of their microblading. As the skin begins to absorb the iron oxide henna eyebrow tint can fill in the eyebrow to maintain the microblading appearance for longer.


henna Bee eyebrow tint a natural alternative

During our creation of Henna Bee eyebrow tint we tested many different henna eyebrow tinting products to find one that worked right for us and our clients. However, we weren’t able to find a product that we felt worked properly or in some cases even contained henna!


During the creation of Henna Bee we wanted a product that contained as few chemicals as possible, a product that actually works and something easy for spa professionals to use.


After years of testing different formulations we worked directly with a team in India to create Henna Bee which is made with 75% plant-based ingredients, including henna of course, contains no lead or ammonia, is vegan friendly and requires no chemicals or oxidants to activate only warm water!


Henna Bee’s natural properties also encourage healthy eyebrow hair growth as it coats the eyebrow hair locking in moisture promoting healthy hair unlike traditional chemical based tints which pull moisture from the hair dehydrating it which leaves hair unhealthy and damaged.


Henna Bee is designed to be easy for trained spa professionals to apply. All you need to do to get started is purchase our Henna Bee starter kit which includes all of the colors and tools you need to offer the service plus you gain access to our online training materials found in the Bee Hive and the ability to become listed as an certified Henna Bee artist.


If you’d like to find a Henna Bee brow artist in your area please visit our Henna Bee artist locator for a list of henna brow artists who are fully qualified to work with Henna Bee.